6 foods to normalize bowel function

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6 foods to normalize bowel function

The intestines are not called the conductor of our body for nothing, because of its condition and functional activity depends on the work of the body as a whole and each organ in particular. If the gastrointestinal tract is “broken”, it affects not only digestion. There appear skin problems, chronic fatigue and reduced immunity. For the intestines to work properly, it is important to help him in this. One of the ways is https://pillintrip.com/medicine/sargenor-5.

The main helpers of our intestines – physical activity, proper drinking habits and, of course, a healthy diet. About the products that promote normal digestion, we will talk in our article.

Clean non-carbonated water increases peristalsis and softens stools, thanks to which the bowel emptying is faster and more effective.

Dairy products
Dairy products help improve gut microflora, so having kefir and yogurt in your diet helps digestion. According to research, polydextrose, which yogurt is rich in, helps shorten defecation time.

Figs are a real treasure trove of vitamins and micronutrients that are good for the body’s health. But in terms of fighting constipation, two of its components – pectin and fiber – play an important role. Figs can be included in the diet, even for children and pregnant women.

Both the root of celery itself and its greens have a mild laxative effect, stimulate metabolism and cleanse the body of metabolic intermediates.

Bran and cereals
If you eat porridge with cereals and pieces of fruit for breakfast, you can get a large dose of fiber. And it is known to actively stimulate intestinal peristalsis and is a prevention of constipation.

A delicate helper
Sometimes it happens that even with a proper diet, it is not possible to cope with stool disorders. Then Fitobalans comes to the rescue-a combination of six herbal ingredients that have a mild laxative effect, contribute to the purification and normalization of the intestines.

Each component PhytoBalance works in its direction:

– Plantain seeds help soften stools

– Laminaria binds and removes waste products of metabolism

– Plum and beet have a laxative effect

– Milk thistle helps the intestines to work more actively

– Rosehip stimulates the production of bile, which in turn leads to better digestion of fats

It is important to understand that Fitobalans contains no addictive and irritating components in the intestines. That is why it can be used regularly, including patients with lactase deficiency and diabetes, because it does not contain lactose and sugar.