Best herbal shampoos for hair loss and thinning hair

There are many hair loss treat­ments avail­able on the mar­ket. The most com­mon ones are also the most obvi­ous ones – hair loss sham­poos. Herbal sham­poos for hair loss are a great addi­tion to any over­all treat­ment plan and can also be a com­plete treat­ment on their own for milder cases or as a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure for hair loss or hair thinning.

Rea­sons for using a herbal hair loss sham­poo over a reg­u­lar shampoo:

  • Herbal hair loss sham­poos are usu­ally for­mu­lated to be gen­tle on the hair and scalp in order to facil­i­tate heal­ing with­out dam­ag­ing the hair
  • Hair loss sham­poos are designed to pro­tect exist­ing hair and increase vol­ume, dimin­ish­ing the appear­ance of thin­ning hair
  • Hair loss sham­poos can in them­selves pro­mote heal­ing and regen­er­a­tion of the hair fol­li­cles and also aid with the absorp­tion of nutri­ents and com­pounds from any addi­tional hair loss treat­ment used in con­junc­tion with them
  • Herbal hair loss sham­poos are specif­i­cally designed to pro­mote healthy cir­cu­la­tion in the scalp, which is essen­tial for pro­mot­ing the heal­ing of the follicles

Rea­sons for using a herbal hair loss sham­poo rather than a chem­i­cally derived shampoo:

  • Herbal sham­poos are gen­tler on the hair and scalp
  • Herbal sham­poos are less likely to have any adverse side effects
  • Herbal sham­poos are less likely to have any con­traindi­ca­tions and can usu­ally be used in con­junc­tion with other hair treat­ments with­out caus­ing harm
  • Herbal hair loss sham­poos often con­tain essen­tial oils such as rose­mary and laven­der, and can also con­tain nat­u­rally sourced caf­feine (for stim­u­lat­ing cir­cu­la­tion around the fol­li­cles) and var­i­ous more exotic plant extracts such as Eclipta alba

Our favourite herbal hair loss shampoos:

Fushi Stim­u­la­tor Herbal Shampoo

A com­pletely nat­ural sham­poo that’s entirely free of the stan­dard com­mer­cial  deter­gent found in most reg­u­lar (and even some “herbal”) sham­poos. It relies on the power of cold-pressed, organic essen­tial oils such as rose­mary and bay to stim­u­late the scalp and increase circulation.

Jack Black True Vol­ume Thick­en­ing shampoo

This herbal sham­poo uses a blend of famil­iar and exotic herbal extracts and essen­tial oils to detox­ify, bal­ance and stim­u­late the scalp, treat­ing both hair loss and dry, flaky skin. It con­tains white lupine, basil and tea tree oil, as well as some hair nour­ish­ing and thick­en­ing agents.

Rene Furterer For­ticea Stim­u­lat­ing shampoo

A gen­tle herbal blend using a com­bi­na­tion of essen­tial oils to increase cir­cu­la­tion plus a com­bi­na­tion of spe­cially for­mu­lated amino acid to nour­ish the scalp and “wake up” dor­mant follicles

Pure Guild Hair Re-growth Shampoo

A com­pletely nat­ural, clin­i­cally proven prod­uct har­ness­ing the power of white lupine to bal­ance, nour­ish and stim­u­late the scalp.

Plan­tur 39 caf­feine shampoo

A herbal sham­poo that uses plant derived caf­feine for scalp and fol­li­cle stim­u­la­tion. It is designed pre­dom­i­nantly for post-menopausal women, although is suit­able for use by women suf­fer­ing from other types of hair loss as well.

Sigma Skin Hair Growth Stim­u­lat­ing Shampoo

This sham­poo uses apple polyphe­nol that acts as both an anti­fun­gal and an antiox­i­dant, as well as retinol which is effec­tive in increas­ing the absorp­tion of sub­stances such as minox­i­dil, the most pop­u­lar hair loss treat­ing sub­stance in use today.

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