Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo Review

Jack Black pro­duces groom­ing prod­ucts for men and this vol­ume thick­en­ing sham­poo is offi­cially designed for men in mind. How­ever, it is per­fectly suit­able for use on women’s hair as well. This prod­uct uses nat­ural ingre­di­ents to thicken the appear­ance of the hair while stim­u­lat­ing the hair follicles.

It also has an anti dan­druff effect, keep­ing the scalp free of flakes and dry, itchy skin. Jack Black sham­poo aims to thicken the actual hair shafts, as well as stim­u­late the fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hairs, thus thick­en­ing the appear­ance of the hair as a whole. It is a dual effect sham­poo designed to treat both hair loss and dan­druff in one.

The active ingre­di­ents and their effects

This sham­poo con­tains a num­ber of key active ingre­di­ents, all derived from plants.

White lupine extract is the main ingre­di­ent used to treat hair loss in this prod­uct. This is a plant extract that has been clin­i­cally proven to stim­u­late the hair fol­li­cles and to bal­ance the hor­mones that can lead to hair loss in men (and women). It can be found in a few other hair loss prod­ucts and some stud­ies have shown it to be effec­tive in slow­ing down and revers­ing the effects of hair loss.

Basil, tea tree oil — these ingre­di­ents are used to treat dry, flaky skin and while not directly rel­e­vant to the pre­ven­tion of hair loss, are help­ful in that they pro­tect the hair fol­li­cles from exces­sive sebum, main­tained by some experts to be partly respon­si­ble for fol­lic­u­lar trauma and the slow­ing down of the hair growth process.

Nour­ish­ing agents such as soy pro­tein, kelp, sun­flower seed extract and cre­a­tine main­tain the healthy look and feel of the hair and pro­tect it from envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tants, also believed by some to be some­what respon­si­ble for hair loss and scalp imbalances.

Detox­i­fy­ing agents such as net­tle also add a healthy shine to the hair, main­tain­ing its healthy appearance.

The active ingre­di­ents are inte­grated through the use of what the man­u­fac­turer refers to as “nano tech­nol­ogy” which is said to help them get bet­ter absorbed into the skin of the scalp. When mas­saged into the hair and scalp, the active ingre­di­ents set to work within min­utes and the effects last for 24 hours.

How to use Jack Black True Vol­ume shampoo

This is a daily use sham­poo. Mas­sage a small amount into damp hair and scalp and rinse well. Repeat if nec­es­sary (if hair needs extra clean­ing). This prod­uct is rec­om­mended for use as part of a two part sys­tem, for best results. Con­tin­u­ous daily use is needed for vis­i­ble results, as the effects of the active ingre­di­ents dimin­ish with time.

Will Jack Black True Vol­ume sham­poo work for me?

This sham­poo uses a plant extract that has been shown in some tri­als to be effec­tive in treat­ing hair loss in men. Say­ing that, no prod­uct is ever guar­an­teed to work for every­one. For some hair loss con­di­tions such as hered­i­tary hair loss, treat­ing the cause is more dif­fi­cult, but with other hair loss causes such as hor­monal imbal­ances or con­di­tions such as trac­tion alope­cia where the hair loss is not the result of inter­nal but exter­nal con­di­tions, the cause can and should be treated along­side the symp­toms for best effects.

What other prod­ucts are avail­able in the range?

A True Vol­ume con­di­tioner is avail­able, which is also suit­able for daily use and rec­om­mended for use every time you wash your hair.

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