Review of Plantur 39 Caffeine Tonic for hair

This is a leave-in prod­uct designed to treat var­i­ous types of hair loss, pre­dom­i­nantly in women. It is made by the man­u­fac­turer of the Alpecin range of caf­feine hair loss prod­ucts and is adver­tised as “Ger­man engi­neer­ing for your hair”. Plan­tur 39 caf­feine tonic is com­monly mar­keted to post-menopausal women who want to strengthen their hair and pre­vent it from thin­ning. Just like the entire range of Alpecin hair loss prod­ucts, it has become quite pop­u­lar in Germany.

It con­tains nat­u­rally derived caf­feine that works to stim­u­late the hair fol­li­cles and increase the rate of hair growth, while bal­anc­ing the top­i­cal effect of the hair loss induc­ing hor­mones (like testos­terone) on the hair and scalp. It’s also designed to com­bat the effects of free rad­i­cals on the hair and scalp. Plan­tur 39 caf­feine tonic is a leave-in treat­ment that can be used along­side stan­dard sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers or as part of a big­ger hair loss treat­ment regimen.

Active ingre­di­ents in the Plan­tur 39 Caf­feine Tonic and their effects

The main active ingre­di­ents in the Tonic are phytoflavones derived from white tea. These gen­tle com­pounds con­tain stim­u­lat­ing caf­feine which is eas­ily absorbed into the scalp and pro­tects fol­li­cles, while also encour­ag­ing them to pro­duce new hair and end their dor­mant stage where applic­a­ble. It’s pre­dom­i­nantly an herbal treat­ment, for­mu­lated with nour­ish­ing oils such as cas­tor oil, which has a gen­tle, heal­ing effect on the scalp.

Will this prod­uct work for me?

This hair loss tonic is aimed at post-menopausal women, but it can be used by any­one to treat any kind of hair loss, as it treats the fol­li­cles them­selves. Caf­feine has also been shown to speed up the rate of absorp­tion of com­pounds such as minox­i­dil, found in prod­ucts such as Rogaine, etc.. As such, it’s a help­ful, nat­ural addi­tion to an over­all hair loss treat­ment strat­egy. It can also be used in con­junc­tion with other herbal hair loss treatments.

This is a good prod­uct for treat­ing trac­tion alope­cia and thin­ning hair as it strength­ens the hair and stim­u­lates the fol­li­cles. It is safe to use on color-treated hair as it will not affect the hair color. Since trac­tion alope­cia causes trauma to the hair fol­li­cles, a top­i­cal treat­ment aimed at heal­ing the fol­li­cles them­selves is often suf­fi­cient for revers­ing hair loss. This is a gen­tle, nat­ural treat­ment that is not likely to cause irri­ta­tion to the scalp and can be used even by those who do not like putting harsh chem­i­cals on their hair and scalp.

How to use Plan­tur 39 Caf­feine Tonic

Plan­tur 39 Caf­feine Tonic is designed for daily use. For those suf­fer­ing from thin­ning hair or trac­tion alope­cia, daily treat­ment is nec­es­sary until the prob­lem is resolved (which usu­ally takes sev­eral months). For hormonal-related hair loss con­di­tions, con­tin­u­ous daily use is required for the treat­ment to be effec­tive. Apply the prod­uct daily to scalp with the appli­ca­tion tip and mas­sage gen­tly until absorbed. Allow to dry briefly and then comb, brush and style hair nor­mally. Do not rinse. This prod­uct is rec­om­mended for use along with the Plan­tur 39 Caf­feine hair loss sham­poo for best results.

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